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Hope you guys are well and keeping tabs with what’s happening at We Are Cardiff. Latest venture – storytelling in a different medium – through books! Find out about We Are Cardiff Press!




Reminder: We Are Cardiff’s film is premiering at Chapter Sunday 7 July – last chance to get tickets!

A reminder that our lovely film about what it’s like to live through a year in Cardiff is PREMIERING at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE this SUNDAY 7 JULY at 12.30 MIDDAY!

We’re creeping towards capacity, so if you need tickets get them here from Eventbrite

Facebook event with more info here

Adam Chard will be selling limited edition prints of our lovely city of Cardiff that he’s designed for the special price of TEN POUNDS at the launch on Sunday! Total bargain. Check out his pretty A3 print below!

It’s available pre-order on his BigCartel page here. It’s an edition of 50 hand-numbered and signed 420x297mm prints on 350gsm silk card.

You can either order to collect at the We are Cardiff documentary premiere at Chapter Arts Centre on Sunday 7 July, or for dispatch on Monday 8 July – remember the preorder price is reduced so place your orders before midnight on Sunday!

Natty poster!

WAC poster

Adam Chard – co-founder of the We Are Cardiff project – has conjured up this flipping AMAZING poster for the film! Not bad, eh?

As I type, I’m sat in bed, reading through all of the blog posts and emails since the start of this project, ensuring that everyone who needs thanking in the credits gets thanked. There’s about a million people (totally accurate mathematical calculation) who have helped in some way getting this thing together. It’s quite humbling reading through everyone’s input and seeing what everyone’s done. There are so many people who were involved in some way who deserve entire films made just about them (Wayne Courtney, I’m looking at you here!).

Anyway. It’s late, I’m tired. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. ROLL ON THE PREMIERE LAUNCH PARTY!

Got tickets yet? No? Get them from here:


Remember I said about the final day of shooting?

Well, obviously it WASN’T. And I’m still not convinced we’re finished. You may find me dead underneath terabytes of footage of everyone in Cardiff in some years to come…

But in the meantime, enjoy some snaps from one of our last days. We filmed an interview in Spillers Records with Adam Chard, who designed the We Are Cardiff site and has done pretty much every bit of design work you’ve seen on that project. He’s also in two bands, taken most of the photos on the We Are Cardiff site, and if you walk into Spillers or Clwb, chances are you’re within spitting distance of something that’s been designed by his crazy mind. Our second interview after that was with Lola Coaster from the Tiger Bay Brawlers, in the comfort of her kitchen. Cos that’s how we/she/everyone ROLLS!

I think this photo of Spillers may be one of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken. Just putting that out there.

Big thanks to the following people for this particular day of filming:

Tom Betts for lendage of audio equipment

Spillers Records for use of their upstairs bit

Adam Chard for managing to keep a straight face on camera (even I went massively off piste between questions and told the story of when I got accidentally locked in a disabled toilet in a hospital when I was about seven years old, convinced myself I was going to get AIDS from the toilet seat and screamed and screamed until a nurse came to let me out, thinking someone was being murdered in there)

The Tiger Bay Brawlers for letting us dress up one of their brawlers during a (rare!) week off

Also obviously Dave for continued amazing work behind the camera.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! I know I’m totally jinxing eveything by saying this, but I think we might have JUST ONE MORE shoot before the film goes under the crunch for the edit… photos of that will appear… soon!

Oh, by the way. Did I mention we were having a party for the premiere screening of the film? It’s at Chapter Arts Centre on 7 July 2013! at 12:30pm – lunchtime! You should TOTALL COME! Tickets are only available in advance from this link:

Get them early because we only have a limited number… and once they’re gone, THEY ARE GONE!

Take it easy until next time…


You are invited to the premiere of We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City at Chapter Arts Centre 7 July 2013!

Hello friends!

As you may know, we’ve been working on making a film for nearly a year and a half now. THE DAY HAS COME FOR THE BEAST TO BE UNLEASHED! There’s a launch screening party at Chapter Arts Centre on Sunday 7th July at 12:30pm (lunchtime), and we’d  really REALLY love to see you there.

Tickets are available for the very reasonable price of £6 and there will coffee, tea and welshcakes! Tickets are only available in advance from  (they aren’t available from the Chapter box office, btw….)

The facebook event is here.

We do hope to see you there



Premiere Chapter invitation

The final day of shooting …

Can you believe it? CAN YOU? Today was our LAST DAY OF FILMING. Well, we’ve probably got a couple more shots around the city that we need, but this was our last actual shoot, as it were. Given that the university and the students make up such a large part of the city, both in terms of population and culture, today we filmed interviews with two Cardiff uni students – one postgrad, one undergrad – and a small part of the Go Global event, a week long celebration of Cardiff uni’s many multicultural societies.

The day started off with a quick stop in to beg some kit from our good friend, Tom Betts. He introduced me to his daughter Zoe – the first hip hop baby I’ve ever met. She only sleeps when hip hop is playing. Only. Tom runs the Darkened Rooms nights – putting on films in weird places around Cardiff. You should check out the Darkened Rooms website for details of their upcoming shows.

2013-02-24 13.49.08

We then headed to the Science Library in Cardiff uni’s main building, where we interviewed a lovely postgrad student from America called Stacey. She’s from Kansas. She loves Cardiff, but was unprepared for how much it rains here. We got a nice sneak into the hidden rooms of the library, including some amazing hidden stacks and REALLY OLD BOOKS. I also found the best named journal I have ever seen – the Journal of Sedimentary Research. Big fan of this.

2013-02-24 15.37.47

2013-02-24 15.36.27

I was a student at Cardiff (many years ago) so I always feels a little bit nostalgic coming back into the uni’s buildings, especially the union, where I spent many (many) hours as an undergrad and a postgrad. One of the rooms I had spent a bit of time – the games room – had been completely renovated into a lounge area – complete with SKYPE PODS. LOOK AT THESE THINGS. AMAZING.

2013-02-24 15.56.34

2013-02-24 15.56.42

We had wanted to film an interview in one of the pods, but unfortunately it was a bit too dark. We settled for a sofa in a room in Solus (the one that used to be called The Junction when I was a student, no idea what it’s called now). They hadn’t cleaned up from the night before, so there was a bit of detritus lying around. Nothing too serious though – Dave still insisted on filming sitting on the floor. Well, ok, he didn’t insist. I sort of made him.

2013-02-24 16.28.37

2013-02-24 16.40.02

2013-02-24 16.40.08

I didn’t make him sit in this though. I do have a heart!

2013-02-24 16.09.31

We then headed down to the Great Hall, where the Go Global event was about to start. I’ve got a lot of fond memories of the Great Hall, I’ve been to a lot of awesome gigs there – Leftfield, Groove Armada, 2MandyDJs. Dave recalled the first gig he had ever been to there was Therapy?. Remember them?? I must admit, I was pretty jealous. I was a big fan of theirs!

They had prettified the space a lot for the event…

2013-02-24 18.29.17

2013-02-24 18.34.52

… and then my phone battery ran out, OF COURSE. So those are all the sneak peeks you’re getting.

But for now … all YOU need to know is that … WE DID IT! After a year of filming, we’ve only gone and flipping done it. I’ll be honest – there were points were I very nearly jacked it all in … and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Now onto the actual work … the editing. I don’t know how on earth they’re going to do it. Last count, we had eleventy billion hours of footage. OH WELL! All you need to know is that:
– we’re still fundraising to try and cover our costs for the film, so if you’re feeling flush with cash, PLEASE invest. You get awesome rewards and gifts in return, including a NEW reward which will get you a copy of the film’s soundtrack, all by local Cardiff bands! INVEST IN THE FILM HERE.

for now, this is phoenix, over and out.

We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City – the film so far…

As we’re just getting into the final part of our filming schedule, we thought it might be nice to give you guys a run down of the film so far. We just released a new trailer – and below you can see all three of our mini-films put together.

A quick reminder about our project: this film is being put together mostly by volunteers. We’ve run it on a shoestring and need all the financial support we can get. If you can spare a few pounds, please invest in our film through our Indiegogo campaign. You’ll get all sorts of rewards in exchange for your money!

We Are Cardiff wins Best Blog at the Wales Blog Awards 2012

Woo! That’s right – the We Are Cardiff blog (which is the website that this film is based on) won BEST BLOG at the Wales Blog Awards this year. We’re absolutely chuffed to bits, as the award was the only one voted for by the public – ie, YOU – which just goes to show that voting makes a difference! Thanks to everyone who voted. Hopefully we raised a bit more of the profile of the film through the awards (and hopefully we can raise a bit more cash towards the costs of making it – which would be nice!). Well done to everyone who got longlisted for the awards – there are some great blogs that didn’t make it to the finals. We also have to send Big Love to our friends at Roath Cardiff, who we were rooting for to get Best Community blog. Next year guys, for sure.

Here’s a photo of Helia picking up the award

So, it’s probably time for a round up of what’s been going on recently … we finally had a production meeting to get ready for the last stretch of filming between now and Christmas. There are probably another ten full days shooting left (though obviously we may only be doing a few hours here and there on some days). And when you consider there aren’t actually that many days left between now and Christmas, it’s slightly frightening…

We’re still looking for Cardiff bands to feature on the soundtrack for the film. You probably won’t get paid as we’re not expecting to make any money from the film, but it’s great exposure. Email if you’re interested in that.

Two of the events that we’ll be filming at between now and Christmas are Made In Roath festival and Swn festival. And wouldn’t you know it – we’ve got a mixed media exhibition (photography and stories) at an Open House in Made in Roath, and we’re curating a stage of music and performance at Swn! (neither of those things will be featuring in the documentary, btw – it would be a bit too ‘for my liking). So – if you see us out and about filming, come and say hi. And if you see us at our stage at Swn or at the exhibition in Made in Roath, also, come and say hi! More information will be posted here soon!

We also now have a very fetching line of t-shirts available for the modest sum of a tenner: We Are Cardiff tees

To invest in the We Are Cardiff film on Indiegogo, go to the campaign page. We have great rewards like entry to our opening party, t-shirts, and posters…. and free hugs!

Do the Facebook thing / Do the Twitter thing

We’re also still looking for people to help out with the film – could be sending some emails, or doing some running on a shoot – could be anything. If you potentially have a few hours to spare, give us a shout on

I think that’s it for today. Phew!
Be seeing you soon
We Are Cardiff

Please Sir, can we have some more?

Hello music folk of Cardiff! We posted a few months ago asking for Cardiff bands and artists (or bands and artists with links to Cardiff) to send us music which we can use license free in the final project.

We’ve had a great response so far, we’re working our way through them all BUT given our insatiable appetite, we also know there is tons more music out there, which we can give some awesome promo to and help make this the best film we can, showing the world what a great musical city we have.

Like we mentioned before, we’re running the project on a shoestring and if the film ends up making a load of cash, we’ll be paying everyone who has volunteered time or skills in the first place. It’s only right and fair. We’re not about making a massive profit. We just want to make enough to cover costs and get the thing out there. That’s the most important thing!

WANT TO GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD? If you’re a Cardiff artist or band (or a band/artist with links to Cardiff) send us music that we can use license-free in our film. This is a great chance to tap into a new audience and give you some promo on the side.

Email us on wearecardiffmusic at gmail dot com, and send us your tracks.

(be aware – if you’re a signed band, you’ll definitely have to check with your record label or management that they are happy for you to do this … we don’t want any legal battles!)

thank you!


we are cardiff


Filming – Roxejam 2012

We popped along to Roxejam 2012 in Sevenoaks Park today, to record some footage and a couple of interviews for the documentary. It was a glorious day. Dave filmed, and I took some snaps. There are a load of photos on Flickr – click this link or the image below to go see them all.

helia x